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Application Packaging

Application Packaging is the process of bundling together all files, components, and information in an application executable file or package that are required to install, start, execute, and run an application in a specific environment. As an application is developed and readied for release, it will be packaged. However, re-packaging might become necessary down the road if the environment in which the application is running changes. For example, re-packaging might be needed for certain applications to upgrade them to run on Windows 10. 

This process can be managed internally through a dedicated application packaging and testing team or can be outsourced. Traditionally, this tedious, labor-intensive, and lengthy/costly process was the number one bottleneck for any IT Transformation project. Thankfully, with application packaging and testing automation, the workload, time, and cost can be significantly reduced!

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Why Application Packaging ?

Application packaging can help enterprises manage growing volumes of software for desktop and server systems efficiently. By streamlining software configuration and deployment, application packaging can help reduce application management costs.

What is Application Packaging ?

The process of application packaging has always been known for helping a growing number of enterprises to manage the continuously growing volumes of software for server systems and desktops. By proper deployment and streamlining of software configuration, this process can effectively help in the reduction of major management costs. Below are some benefits of this process stated. Before that it is important to learn the basics of this process.

Basic Understanding of Application Packaging

Packaging can be defined as a process in which the relevant files as well as the relevant components are bonded in order to build an extremely customized application for a particular customer. There are various tools that have been designed specifically for this purpose. You can make a selection of these tools based on your needs and requirements.

Benefits of Application Packaging

Benefits of application packaging

• It helps in the customization of the applications to suit a user’s needs.

• Helps in simplification of the installation as well as the un- installation processes.

• Saves a lot of time in both the un- installation and installation processes.

• Once it has been packaged, the application can also be installed in a very quick manner on a lot of desktops in various locations.

• Helps in saving a lot of space of the product and this is done by doing different modifications to the applications.

• A lot of flexibility can be enjoyed and cherished by the user. This flexibility is in terms of the lost files and this is done through a phenomenon that reduces the down time of a particular application.

• It can also be advertised in a good manner so that an on demand installation can take place.

• The application is always installed with the help of an OS service.

• This process also helps in eliminating an uncontrolled number of software installations and downloads. This means that it also enables the applications to be removed in a safe manner and also reduces the non- business traffic on a particular corporate network.

• The state management is maintained in a pre- defined manner which means that the process as well as the transition is effective.

The Stages of Application Packaging

Every process has a few stages. The same goes with this packaging process as well. The five stages are as follows.

1. The packaging request: — In this stage the request to start the process of packaging is raised.

2. A technical evaluation of a particular source is done.

3. Packaging involves the process of capture, editing and testing. All these steps are covered in the third stage.

4. Quality Assurance:- In this stage the quality of the package is taken into account and a full proof test is done.

5. The user acceptance test or the UAT is the last stage of this process.

Thus it is not at all difficult to understand or comprehend that application packaging is a very important process in this day and time. It is something that can be done in a very effective manner by taking into account all the needs and requirements of a particular person.

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